Best E-Cigarette in Australia

Rank Name Stocked Brands Based Prices from
rank_1 Vaper Empire Vaper Empire (own) Australia Starter Kit: $85
Flavours: $12
velogoI know what you are already thinking, why would the most expensive option be ranked #1? Well as the old adage goes “you get what you pay for” and in this case its a premium experience unmatched anywhere else. If you using E cigarettes as a replacement of the real variety then cost won’t even be a factor as the savings are already incredible.

Vaper Empire is unique on this list as it only manufactures and stocks its own premium brand. It is this high quality that can not be matched anywhere else. The e-cigarettes themselves are beautifully designed and manufactured creating a sense of quality and style that the generic brands don’t come close to. The functionality is very similar but the battery and shelf life of the individual parts exceed the competitors considerably.

Where Vaper Empire truly seperates itself is its own range of flavours (e-liquids). Coming in 4 diferent strengths these unique flavours from tobacco to coffee, apple to butterscotch are the best I have ever had bar none. I sincerely recommend you try the coffee flavour for a great experience. With 46 total flavours to choose from the hardest part is picking the one (or five) to try first.

Lastly its important to mention the quality of service you recieve from Vaper Empire. They offer a service that is unmatched in terms of speed of reply, speed of shipping handling customer concerns. They realy pride themself on offering the best customer sevice and it shows. Clearly and not un-importantly the major drawback is the price which is probably the only concern I have with Vaper Empire.

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Rank Name Stocked Brands Based Prices from
rank_2 Heaven Gifts Aspire
And 32 more…
China Starter Kit: $30 USD
Flavours: $1.65 USD

hglogoHeaven Gifts received the number 2 spot on the strength of its prices and range. Unmatched in terms of range and with prices below all other competitors means Heaven Gifts is a seriously good option for purchasing your e cigarettes.

As an official distributor for all the major brands: Aspire, Dekang, Hangsen, Joyetech, Innokin, KangerTech & Vapeonly and a warehouse to make Ikea blush, Heaven gifts will always have what you need and ship it for you within 24 hours. This size and relationship with the major e-cigarette manufacturers also means they can offer the best pricing available anywhere online, so if cost is an issue for you then you don’t need to look any further.

Here is the bad part though, Heaven Gifts is located in China. So the cost can fluctuate with the exchange rate (prices are in USD) and shipping can take up to a week which is a pain in this day and age. There customer service is good still, but they simply can’t compete with an Australian customer service representative that the other options offer you.

Rank Name Stocked Brands Based Prices from
rank_3 Vape King Vape King (own)
And 41 more…
Australia Starter Kit: $30
Flavours: $5

vklogoVapeking has the best prices and range available in the Australian market. They also have there own line of products and flavours and offer a decent level of overall service. Additionally they offer free shipping for orders over $150 and a modest rewards program for regular customers.

Vapeking do many things very well, but none of them spectacularly, so it sits in 3rd place of my rankings. Its competitive on price, quality and service but is not the best in any of these areas.

Rank Name Stocked Brands Based Prices from
rank_4 Juice Whore Aspire
And 5 More…
Australia Starter Kit: $41
Flavours: $5.50
jwlogoJuice Whore is definitely a leader in the industry in terms of a company name, but that’s not enough to get the coveted #1 ranking.

Juicewhore have a good range of there own hand-made unique flavours. They also stock the popular brands flavours and hardware as well. They make the products to order which keeps them fresh but can cause delays when ordering, and I have found there products to be a little inconsistent. The prices are good but are not the lowest by any means.


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E-Cigarettes Vs Smoking – Are E Cigarettes bad for you?

E-Cigarettes by there very name are associated with traditional cigarette smoking, but besides the mimicry of actions and the ability to inhale nicotine, the two activites couldn’t be more different. Below we have compiled a comprehensive comparative chart between ecigs and smoking as its traditionally known paying particular attention to the health benefits of ecigs compared to traditional cigarettes.

Although being slightly biased we were suprised to see that cigarettes:

– contain 1600 times the number of chemicals
– cost 8.5 times as much or $3760 more per year for the average smoker
– contribute 760,000 tonnes of non-biodegradable butts annually


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Vaper Empire Review

Vaping is a term used to describe the process that happens when you use an electronic cigarette (e-cig). You inhale vapour coming from a small vaporiser. The legalities of using e-cigs vary from country to country and the main factor that decides whether it’s legal or not hinges on whether it contains nicotine because those with nicotine can’t be sold in Australia.


VaperEmpire is one of the biggest sellers of e-cigs in Australia. They choose to sell e-cigs that do contain nicotine because they believe the research claiming that nicotine causes smoking to become addictive and, by adding it to e-cigs, it eliminates the craving for the more deadly real cigarettes. (more…)

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Are Electronic Cigarettes legal in Australia?

Smoking cigarettes has been proven to be harmful to overall health. E-cigarettes have become a regulated healthier alternative to cigarettes in many parts of the world and, in turn, have become a consumer draw. However, e-cigarettes aren’t legal in all cities or countries whether it be using the product, or importing product. If you live, work, or are planning a trip to Australia and are looking into an e-cigarette alternative you will want to know if you can use them or sell them in that part of the world.

What Are E-Cigarettes and Regulated Nicotine Replacement?

E-cigarettes are an electronic system that delivers nicotine to the user without harmful smoke. Only vapor or mist is emitted when being used. According to the Australian Government Department of Health, Therapeutic Goods Administration, e-cigarettes have not been tested for overall safety or as a Nicotine Replacement Product. There are concerns about health and safety when using e-cigarettes with nicotine in Australia. (more…)

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