Best E-Cigarette in Australia

I know what you are already thinking, why would the most expensive option be ranked #1? Well as the old adage goes “you get what you pay for” and in this case its a premium experience unmatched anywhere else. If you using E cigarettes as a replacement of the real variety then cost won’t even be a factor as the savings are already incredible.

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Switching to Ecigs saves you a LOT of money

E-cigarettes have a lot of advantages and a lot of positives. They taste good, easy to use, and can fill the nicotine and habit fix if required as well. But if you are a smoker who is looking to switch to eCigs you really can’t look past the savings, because they can be huge. Vaper Empire published this infographic recently which highlights the savings rather dramatically. Of course any retailer will have similar savings but seeing them visually can still be quite a surprise. Check out the infographic by clicking the button to the right

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Nearly 1 Million UK smokers switch to E-Cigarettes

In England, as much as 900,000 smokers have substituted regular cigarettes with e-cigarettes in an effort to kick the habit, research has found.

The University College London’s research team estimate that at least 891,000 individuals in 2014 tried out the device as an approach to quitting smoking, rather than using prescription drugs or receiving behavioral counseling.

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