Order of actions for beginning writing a thesis

Order of actions for beginning writing a thesis

Taking into account requirements for the faculty and private interests, pupils select the theme for the thesis or offer their subject, substantiate its relevance and conformity with the professional sphere. The option associated with theme of this thesis is drawn up by a declaration addressed to your head associated with department, which specifies the name regarding the subject plus the business, on the basis of that the work will soon be performed.

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The subjects of the theses and scientific supervisors (the most experienced teachers) are fixed for students by the order of the rector of the university, according to the presentation of the department.

After selecting the subject regarding the level paper, the pupil must concur it with a clinical supervisor. In the event of positive choice for the issue and agreement on the subject with all the potential mind for the thesis, the selected topic is formally approved.

The medical supervisor associated with the thesis must:

  • alongside the student to compile and issue projects for the thesis; to give you the student with assistance into the growth of a schedule for the completion for the thesis;
  • The necessary basic literature, reference and normative and other sources on the topic of thesis if possible, recommend to the student
  • to conduct consultations relative to the schedule;
  • The correctness of all data and for the conclusions drawn corresponds to the student) to control the progress of the work and to be responsible for its timely and qualitative execution until the moment of protection (for the reasons given in the thesis;
  • make an assessment concerning the thesis, by which to offer a reasoned conclusion about the likelihood of admission for the thesis into the defense.

Process of execution and preparation of this thesis

The entire process of preparation and execution for the thesis involves several fundamental steps (duties of a student):

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  • the decision for the topic regarding the thesis;
  • filing a software having a demand to authorize its writing;
  • preparation regarding the assignment for the thesis;
  • Choice of methods of work and research on literature sources;
  • number of materials, compilation of bibliography, analysis and synthesis for the collected product;
  • into the existence of a consultant – clarification of specific issues from him;
  • checking the writing for the act as you compose individual parts because of the supervisor;
  • a written declaration associated with the link between the analysis and also the formulation of conclusions;
  • corrections and literary processing of this manuscript;
  • registration of diploma work, reprint on a typewriter or your own computer (if available), brochure work;
  • distribution towards the manager regarding the completed work;
  • the direction of work approved for review;
  • preparation for security: writing associated with text associated with the message, selection and execution of the illustrative (graphic) material, which can be put to your protection.

The company and control of the entire process of preparation and protection of theses is assigned into the head regarding the division as well as the lecturers and systematic manager of theses.