Vaper Empire Review

Update: 2016 Edition.

Well its been nearly a year so I though it was high time I updated this review a little. After a year I still recommend Vaper Empire as my favourite e-cigarette supplier in Australia and they have been improving over this time. They have a new range of products and some sleek new design changes to make it even more appealing. The new products quality is outstanding, and the look and design improvements are very clever. Basically they use all the best parts of the old models and adds some great new technology and options to make them the best yet. Below are the 3 new product ranges they now stock with a little info from the manufacturer themself:

V-Pack II


Firstly it has a beautiful black and gun-metal grey Portable Charging Case which has a mirrored surface hiding a digital display. When activated this allows the user to see exactly how much battery is left in the PCC but also the remaining battery life of the contained e-cigarette. This real-time information allows the user to plan and make sure that they have an uninterrupted vaping experience.



Not only is the Venture beautifully appointed with its stainless steel, stipple textured design, though it also boasts a range of elegant features that make it a fantastic choice. The 1500mAh battery capacity provides users with a longer lasting vaping experience with an outstanding quality, smooth vape. The smartly contoured metallic mouthpiece allows for comfortable delivery on inhalation and the simple snap-lock connection between the Battery and Clearomiser makes for simple maintenance.


Firstly it has a facility to adjust and set the airflow using the unique control base that can be locked into position. This allows for personalisation of the vapour plumes and can help enhance the flavour of the e-liquid. Additionally, it also has multiple voltage setting from 3.2V ~ 4.8V using the dial at the end of the device. This gives the user the ability to adjust the throat hit and the clouds of Vapour produced on exhalation.The product also looks great with short glass drip tip and has a 900mAh battery which means less charging and more vaping

Vaping is a term used to describe the process that happens when you use an electronic cigarette (e-cig). You inhale vapour coming from a small vaporiser. The legalities of using e-cigs vary from country to country and the main factor that decides whether it’s legal or not hinges on whether it contains nicotine because those with nicotine can’t be sold in Australia.


VaperEmpire is one of the biggest sellers of e-cigs in Australia. They choose to sell e-cigs that do contain nicotine because they believe the research claiming that nicotine causes smoking to become addictive and, by adding it to e-cigs, it eliminates the craving for the more deadly real cigarettes.


Although this review is about VaperEmpire and it helps millions of people in Australia and around the world, it’s essential to give you solid background information so you can clearly understand how important it is for smokers to either smoking quit cold turkey OR take up smoking e-cigs instead.


Unfortunately, Australian laws don’t permit the sale of e-cigs that contain nicotine. The company’s product range is shipped from the UK and, depending on delivery payment and your location, can be at your doorstep somewhere between 3-12 days from when first ordered.


It’s critical to understand that, although the products are all shipped from the UK, this doesn’t mean this company has poor quality customer service. On the contrary, with customer support physically located in Australia you can easily contact them by email or phone to ask questions or resolve problems.


VaperEmpire also ships to many other countries, as long as it’s legal to do so in those countries, and delivery costs and times can vary according to each specific country.


So, the big question is WHY?

Why should people use e-cigs instead of smoking “real” cigarettes? These are some of the most significant reasons:


Smoking “real” cigarettes is banned from many places today including: hospitals (inside and outside), restaurants, cafes, hotels, motels, shops, outside buildings and many other places. E-cig users can freely use them in all of these places without fear of recrimination.


Employers would love the idea of e-cigs because former smokers who now use e-cigs won’t need regular smokers’ breaks. Hence, productivity would be increased and both staff and employers would be equally ecstatic.


Smokers can smoke at home if they want. However, that can affect the rest of the family’s health who become passive smokers; potentially causing serious health implications. For example, if children are constantly exposed to cigarette smoking, it can have an adverse effect on their health. This also includes young babies and toddlers. Using e-cigs instead satisfies that person’s addiction without affecting the rest of the family.


Other reasons people should quit or start on e-cigs:


  • E-cigs give you that nicotine fix without you taking in all the additional harsh chemicals (over 4000) and poisonous materials in each cigarette.
  • It’s a smart way to help people quit smoking. You may never get off e-cigarettes but it’s a healthier addiction.
  • E-cigs are MUCH cheaper to buy. Once you have purchased the starter kit, you simply order what’s needed and allow time for shipping. After a while, ordering will become second nature.
  • Use all the saved money for something worthwhile sometimes without any guilt.


Why not remove the nicotine?

VaperEmpire understands that if you remove the addictive component of real cigarettes, people won’t want to use the e-cigs because they’ll still have that craving/addiction. Choosing a product with nicotine (but none of the other 4000+ poisons) helps smokers because it satisfies their cravings.


Another enjoyable aspect of e-cigs is the 55 different flavours and blended flavours you can choose from including:


  • The appealing apple flavours.
  • The brilliant butterscotch flavour.
  • The sweet cherry flavour.
  • Tobacco, caramel and cappuccino mix.
  • Peppermint and fruit blend.
  • Death Valley Nectar – a combination of kiwi fruit, bilberry, cactus and pear.
  • Mixed candy and starburst.
  • Bubble gum and gummi bears.
  • Vanilla, hazelnut, watermelon, sherbet, blueberry, coconut, mango and menthol.


It’s virtually impossible for there not to an appealing flavour for everyone who needed them. The flavours are enjoyable and stimulate your brain’s pleasure centres. Making it easy to remember cigarette cravings.


This company also provides the necessary accessories including: spare batteries, a carrying case, chargers and wall adaptors.


Sadly, some smokers may choose to buy cigarettes instead of food or to pay bills. The good news is that once they start using e-cigs, they can save a lot of money, which can be put towards food, bills and other essentials.


VaperEmpire produces high quality e-cigs that are strictly scrutinised to ensure that every item that’s produced is top quality. Combine this with the ultra-stylish, chic look of the

e-cigs themselves, the bottles and other accessories, and you have nothing but top quality products, all delivered to you by VaperEmpire, the biggest Australian e-cig seller in the country.


E-cigs are an ideal way to transition from being a smoker to using e-cigs and still getting the benefits without the harmful side effects. VaperEmpire is the perfect place for all Australians to buy all their products, now and long into the future.

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